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Asterismal is undoubtedly 11PARANOIAS’ most exciting yet challenging release to date, coalescing experimental noise elements with pure psychedelia and a devastating deluge of doom and drone. The rite channels unprecedented extra-terrestrial terrain for the band, opening thresholds of esoteric mysticism, immersive euphoria and alluring darkness, subsequently conjuring an overwhelmingly intense rapture for the subconscious and its dormant senses. In turn, Asterismal sees 11PARANOIAS at their most propulsive, potent and powerful!
Asterismal further marks the final instalment in a trilogy of 11PARANOIAS albums: Stealing Fire From Heaven had lead drums, Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World had lead bass and Asterismal now hones in on the lead guitar.


1. Loss Portal
2. Bloodless Crush
3. Vitrified Galaxy
4. Prelude
5. Slow Moon
6. Quantitative Immortalities
7. Chamber of Stars
8. Acoustic Mirror II

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