31 KNOTS – worried well

CD digipackpolyvinyl records2008


Plainly stated, 31Knots hasn’t moved in a new direction with Worried Well so much as they’ve ripened to full maturity and evolved into the creature they’re meant to be. Previous albums and EPs are just as tightly wrapped, just as fierce and incendiary, but something is different. Something here is new. Worried Well deserves to be called out as thought provoking and well written in a time when substance is quickly giving way to music of commerce and palatability. There is no band like 31Knots and Worried Well finds them at the full height of their powers.


1. Baby Of Riots
2. Certificate 3. The Breaks 4. Something Up There This Way Comes 5. Take Away The Landscape 6. Strange Kicks
7. Opaque
8. Worried But Not Well
9. Compass Commands
10. Statistics And The Heart Of Man
11. Upping The Mandate
12. Between 1&2

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