A SUN AMISSA – desperate in her heavy sleep

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A-Sun Amissa is a new project formed out of Leeds, UK by members of Glissando. Built on the foundations of the unknown, a project that encompasses minimalist drones, modern-classical movements and avant-garde tendencies.

Richard Knox (Glissando / ‘The Rustle of the Stars’ / Of Thread & Mist) & Angela Chan ( Glissando / ‘The Rustle of the Stars’ / Ten / Tomorrow We Sail) began forming initial ideas in the Autumn of 2011, moving away from the piano-led ambience of previous outputs. Long-time friend Owen Pegg was soon invited to join the project as the pieces developed to enable the songs the depth and intensity they require.

The trio produce a dense, drone-like atmosphere accompanying evocative, melodic string sections and intertwining guitars. The live show features sections of the recorded output combined with improvisation to unlock new movements and progressions in the music. The subtle, considered textures and the hypnotic interaction between players and instruments provide an intense live performance.


1. Arm In Arm To A Full Awakening
2. Dislocated Harmony
3. A Hungover Whisper
1. Speechless Turns
2. Ceremony

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