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Absinthe (Provisoire) comes from France, but judging by its sound it isn’t from any sunny or any pastoral part of the country. Alejandra drops you into a world of paranoia and noise, where beauty and danger coexist uneasily. It’s a fun ride.
The four tracks take you through quite a bit of terrain. The 29-minute opener « Kocka » begins like a Caspar Brotzmann Massaker song. If you’ve heard Koksofen, you’ll know exactly what this means: the free-jazz drums, the tortured guitars, the whispered words giving onto violent screams. Around eight minutes into it, the song has transitioned into an « Alone Again Or » kind of passage that breaks down into a time of respite. You know this kind of pattern from Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed, You Black Emperor. The build up and the take down. At 21 minutes you get into a storm of distortion and feedback which abates for the song’s quiet finish.
Based on its title, I’d have to guess that « Amour-Infidelite-Introspection » charts the lifecycle of an affair. Spare drums and tremeloed guitar notes float along for four minutes or so, and continue as squalls of reverbed guitar pick up in the background and overtake everything. Then it’s back to the tremelo for presumably the introspection passage. It ends with only eerie, spaced-out snare hits. From there, « Someone Said ‘Your Heart Belongs To The Dead' » continues the meditation, and its the first time you get some real singing. It almost sounds like a French Nick Cave.
Another long one, « Love Song For A Dutch Bitch, » wraps up the album. More tortured guitars swell in the background but this time they’re accompanied by some spoken and then screamed lyrics. This time it’s Steve Albini more than Nick Cave haunting the sound. After a prolonged and subdued middle section, we’re back to where the album started, in Brotzmann territory. In many ways, this album follows a similar course to that of Silence Kit’s excellent Pieonear. Silence Kit expands a little more during its explorations, but both take you on a similar tour. I have a friend who once made his own absinthe. I think he went through this kind of trip when he drank it. http://www.adequacy.net


1. kocka
2. amour-infidelite-introspection
3. someone said  »your heat belongs to the dead »
4. love song for a dutch bitch – – –

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