ABYSSAL – novit enim dominus qui sunt eius

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Initially unleashed by the band themselves on Jan 01 of this year (exactly a year after their “Denouement” debut was self-released likewise, note this will see an official release via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions soon) via digital and hand-assembled CDs, it didn’t take long for Profound Lore to become immersed in the mysterious UK trio’s style of twisted, demented, dark, epic, doomy death metal horror which would inevitably lead us to officially present “Novit enim…” in an aesthetic that we could only see fit for such a work of monumental death metal artistry.

With revamped layout courtesy of Chimere Noire and packaged in a nicely designed digipack with the artwork and imagery washed over by a metallic silver layer for enhanced effect and heightened aesthetic, this official CD release of “Novit enim…” was pressed in a very limited run and will be a one-time pressing.


1. Forebode (Instrumental)
2. The Tongue Of The Demagogue
3. Under The Wretched Sun Of Hattin
4. Elegy Of Ruin (Instrumental)
5. The Headless Serpent
6. A Sheath Of Deceipt
7. Elegy Of Staves (Instrumental)
8. A Maltusian Epoch
9. As Paupers Safeguard Magnates
10. Created Sick ; Commanded To Be Well (Instrumental)
11. The Last King

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