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Roll out the red carpet – ACID KING are breaking their ten year studio silence with a new, deliriously heavy album, Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere.
On their fourth outing, the three-piece maintains the corrosive concoction at the heart of their identity, while simultaneously progressing. “I really wanted to add more depth and layers to our signature sound,” says Lori. “Everything still feels like riding a motorcycle on Quaaludes, but things have expanded. It was important that we didn’t write the same record over and over again. This is a little moodier. It happened organically that way.”

In order to achieve that goal, the musicians riffed away in their Bay Area practice space, and the good old fashioning jamming yielded eight artfully architected tracks bookended by an Intro and an Outro, fusing together a cohesive journey.

Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere was recorded at both Sharkbite and Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, mixed at Different Fur Studios and produced by ACID KING and Billy Anderson. Striking artwork from famed tattoo artist Tim Lehi (who has designed cover art for High On Fire, Earthless and Witch) provides a preliminary indication of the cosmic scope of the musical innards.


1. Intro
2. Silent Pictures
3. Coming Down from Outer Space
4. Laser Headlights
5. Red River
6. Infinite Skies
7. Center of Everywhere
8. Outro

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