ACID MAMMOTH – under acid hoof – VINYL LP (tri color)

VINYL LP (tri colour)heavy psych sounds records2020


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“Under Acid Hoof” is the band’s second full-length album.
The album is a direct continuation of the band’s self-titled, debut full-length album, but darker, heavier, and fuzzier. Five Tracks of Doom, each one offering something unique to the Opus. It just gets heavier and heavier as you dwell deeper into the album.
The father & son duo on guitars offer to the listener a horde of Iommi-style riffs with fuzzy melodies accompanied by doomy riffing, which is supported by wicked bass lines and heavy drumming. The clean mellow vocals add to the mix, and the occasional talk of witchcraft and mammoths can lead to a sublime, heavy experience.
The album was recorded in 2019, mixed and mastered by Dionysis Dimitrakos of Descent Studios, who also worked with the band for their debut album back in 2017. Drums were recorded in Dope of Sound Studios in Athens.


1. Them!
2. Tree of Woe
3. Tusks of Doom
4. Far Harad (Instrumental)

1. Jack the Riffer
2. Under Acid Hoof
3. White Hag (Live)

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