ADERLATING – spear of gold and seraphim bone (part I) – CD

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Aderlating is slowly but surely making a name for itself. Starting out as an outlet for Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues/De Magia Veterum) to bring his unique dark aurual vison to the live environment, together with Eric (Mowlawner), Aderlating evolved into a solid recording/performing band.
After releasing various splits (Cdr, LP), ep’s (Free downloads, Cassettes) and two full lenghts (Cdr, Cd) Aderlating is now ready to unleash new tidal waves of darkness with « Spear of Gold & Seraphim Bone I », the first part of a diptych. (The second part is scheduled to be released later this year).
Ranging from subtle ambient to noise-drenched slabs of black metal, rumbling low-ends, screeching highs and driven industrial brutality, Aderlating is captivating and disenchanting at the same time. The game of attracting and repelling casts the audience under a dark spell. And this metaphor really isn’t far fetched. The whole atmosphere breathes a hypnotic darkness, which has a distinct ritualistic feel to it.
It’s surely no surprise this work is the follow-up of 2010’s « Devotional Hymns », as Aderlating’s sounds seem to be vile ritual hymns of pure darkness and horror. It purges all the filth, bleakness and darkness of the world, and channels it into a mind numbing sonic abuse the listener just can’t get enough of. The word ‘cathartic’ never has been more in its place…
Comes in a vinyl style 3mm spined sleeve. The impression is limited to 500 copies.


1. Black Emperor At The Temple’s Gate
2. Descending The Naraka I
3. Spear Of Gold And Seraphim Bone
4. A Burial On The Slopes Of Mount Sinai
5. Engel Der Wrake
6. A New Plaque For Every Triumph

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