AFTERLIFE KIDS – morgengrauen

VINYL LP (black)adagio830 records2013


Afterlife Kids are a four piece band from Berlin, Germany who formed in January of 2012. Afterlife jids play a dark, chaotic, volatile, and brutal as fuck style of modern hardcore. Afterlife Kids music does not fit easily into one specific genre of hardcore. Their sound branches out across several subgenres of hardcore including 90’s influenced metallic hardcore, straight up screamo, to late 90’s-early 000’s emoviolence. Since their inception in 2012, Afterlife Kids have released a two song cassette entitled Elementar in 2012, an eight song cdr entitled Geisterhand in 2012, and a split live cassette with Fuck Wolves in May of 2013. Morgengrauen is the band’s latest full length LP, which was released via Adagio 830 and Vendetta records on June 18th, 2013. On Morgengrauen, Afterlife Kids tear and pummel their way through fourteen songs in a little under a half hour.


1. Endor
2. In Wohlgefallen Aufgelöst
3. Wie Ich Lernte Die Bombe Zu Lieben
4. Du Auf Repeat
5. Aphasie
6. Ethos
7. Iridium

1. Bismut
2. Wir Müssen Uns Sisyphos Als Einen Glücklichen Menschen Vorstellen
3. Grenzgänger Teil I
4. Grenzgänger Teil II
5. Höhenangst
6. Leblos Geträumt
7. Inkompatibilist


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