AGATHOCLES – kanpai!!

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May 2011, two months after the FUKUSHIMA-desaster, Belgian mincers AGATHOCLES go to JAPAN for touring. On a free afternoon, AG enters Studio Grave in Nagoya, Japan and does a session of 36 songs, recorded and mixed by the almighty mister Takaho Komatsu (UNHOLY GRAVE). This session is on the audio CD.

Some days later, AG plays a gig at the ASAKUSA EXTREME FESTIVAL in Tokyo, Japan. On the DVD, you’ll see the performance of that mincing mad concert, again 36 blasting mincecore outbursts. The DVD captures the great atmosphere in Tokyo and was edited by mister Rafael Yaekashi (NEK/DARGE).


1. Will Gone – Lobotomy Done
2. Electrifarce
3. Grind Is Protest
4. Not a Bit
5. Big Flat Cages
6. Only Friction
7. Who Cares?
8. Tension
9. Carved Face Fashion
10. Bang Bang
11. Hear More
12. Until It Bleeds
13. Soap and Joke
14. Lay Off Me
15. Splattered Brains
16. Peoples Property
17. A Start at Least
18. Open the Gates
19. Black Tea
20. Christianity Means Tyranny
21. Porcelain a
22. Chronic Death
23. Razor Sharp Daggers
24. Mutilated Regurgitator
25. Financial Cris-Ass
26. Motherfucker (Swing That Axe)
27. Too Fast
28. Gallows Eve
29. Ulkopuolinen
30. Go Fucking Nihilist
31. Go with a Blow
32. A for Arrogance
33. Necessity
34. Arbeit Macht Krank
35. OSL
36. Straight Lane

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