AGUIRRE (bordeaux) – calvaire

CD digipackbones brigade records2009


Alright, here comes the new LP. after an LP and a split LP with HONGO from spain, you’d better be prepared for some new doomy and gloomy stuff here. AGUIRRE take up new songs and just as on their demo they reek of darkness and agony. It’s so present it’s half painful to listen to it, but that’s also what draws me in. It’s like staring down a bottomless abyss of all that is evil, sensing it, as the complete black allows you to see nothing – and liking it. They haven’t changed a whole lot from their previous releases, it’s still the minimalist angst with the lonely guitar tunes alternated with thundering heaviness, as with the whispering and roaring vocals – all executed in a real slow pace. It hurts, and I love the pain.


1. vaincu mais non dompté
2. (…)
3. blisster
4. i die

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