AIDS WOLF – cities of glass

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Overview The Nine Principles of AIDS Wolf: 1. Maintain A Daily Ritual. Music is like breathing, eating, sleeping, pissing, and, with any luck, fucking. Music must be a physical need and a mental compulsion. 2. Live Aesthetic Immersion. There is no reason a sonic composition cannot be inspired by or contribute to a drawing, a tasty curry, or one’s choice of socks. 3. When In Doubt, Bum Them Out. If you can’t convert `em, make `em run crying and holding their ears. 4. Get In The Van. 5. Seek Strength Through Strength. Gear’s gotta be carried, sleep must be forsaken, and tours have to be survived. 6. Join The Family. Camaraderie with other bands is not only inspiring but also serves as a vital metrics by which to measure one’s own perceived worth. 7. Allow For Sonic Fields Of Nothing. The use of negative space in music creates new dynamics, abstracts the obvious, and challenges both the creator and the audience. 8. Lift Anchor And Set Sail. De-anchoring compositions by dispensing with a bass guitar allows AIDS Wolf to make rhythm the central feature of its performances. 9. Become The Weird Punks. Remember when punk was weird and weird was punk? Destroy genre straitjackets and move out of the comfortable. Now that you have committed these principles to memory, we encourage further study through Cities of Glass, the second album from AIDS Wolf. Once immersed in these tenets, you can be assured of finding failure and misery as you bring them with you into the wider world.


1. M.T.I.
2. Tied-Up in Paper
3. Cities of Glass
4. Ch-ch-ch-chatter
5. Down, Holy Ground
6. Gnarly Tooth
7. General
8. A Sacrificial Drone
9. Relevant Issues
10. So Many Plastic Pearls

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