AMANDA WOODWARD – discography – VINYL 3xLP (black)

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It has been years in the making ! After several represses, reissues, release projects and ideas that never came out, something big is finally about to see the light of day. Early June, Destructure along with Stonehenge are releasing the long awaited Amanda Woodward collection records. Taking the shape of three LP, it gathers all the previous official releases as well as some unreleased alternate / demo versions of tracks that you've never heard before.
Amanda Woodward started late 1999 in Caen, Normandy. The diy punk scene there at that time was a dozen of enthusiastic kids playing in several bands each. From the ashes of SOAR, SEASON and ALCATRAZ, they started something whose goal was to defy everything they've done before. They have always been challenging punk musical subgenres, never fitting in any style, never being rock, hardcore, emo, and certainly not screamo. It was also time for a new era lyrically speaking, a subtle mix of rage and poetry with a high dose of play on words that remains very influent in french diy punk scene.
In the early 2000 the band has toured extensively, hundreds of shows in more than 20 european countries from Portugal to Russia and did a 5 weeks whole US tour. At the end of a Spanish tour in 2007, they decided they would not play anymore shows before the release of a new album that unfortunately was never written.
As almost all releases were sold out and for sale on the second hand market at stupidily indecent price, it was time to give a second life to these songs. They are coming along with bonus, housed in a beautiful kraft cardboard trifold cover and being sold at the lowest price possible.
Most band members are still active and playing in bands. Singer and lyrics writer – Jerome – is in Rouille and is the tattoo artist known as Sztuka Wojny in Barcelona ; Bass player – Pierre – is currently in End It and Cemented Minds ; Guitar Player – Nico – is in Bleakness, Karysun, Better Off Dead, Marée Noire as well as still running Destructure record label ; late drummer – Antoine – is in Nine Eleven and Burning Bright ; early guitar player – Cyrille – is in End It ; early drummer – Bastien – is doing Nodwes.
May this collection be the way to end a chapter, it would not have been possible to complete it correctly without the help and involvement of band members' longtime friends at various stages. All songs have been (re) mastered by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studio, he had recorded « Meurt La Soif » ep and done live sound on few shows as well as recorded related bands (Aussitôt Mort, Karysun, Bleakness, Death Mercedes, Burning Bright…). Pictures used for the artwork has been taken by very talented friend Mathieu Mellec, and lay-out has been done by also very talented and Destructure close collaborator Hugues Le Corre.
You can choose to order two versions of this release ; black vinyl or coloured vinyl (there were 300 made of these) and labels webstores have a limited screenprinted poster with artwork by Hugues Puzzle to thank people ordering direct.
Records are pressed, sleeves are on their way to our warehouse, posters are about to be printed. All orders will ship around june the 10th, we are now taking preorders so we will have time to pack carefully your records.


1. À L’Assault
2. Sans Vie.Com
3. La Prospérité
4. On Les Aura Bien Plombé Les Yéyés
5. Amanda Woodward
6. Un Autre Con
7. Bomber Le Show Biz
8. Trop De Gens Qu’ont Mal À Mon Crâne

1. Ils Nous Reste Les Caillasses
2. La Perte
3. La Poussière Et La Cendre
4. L’Air Du Temps
5. Ultramort

1. Pleine De Grâce
2. Écarté Du Lucre
3. La Malade Maquerelle
4. À Fond De Cale
5. Mange Ton Disque

1. Il Nous Reste Les Caillasses (Été 2001)
2. La Poussière Et La Cendre (Été 2001)
3. Ultramort (Été 2001)
4. Meurt La Soif (Été 2004)
5. End On End (Été 2004)

1. La Décadence De La Décadence
2. Binaire Et Lisible
3. « On » Est Un Con
4. Le Temps Du Deuil
5. Sous Le Feu Nourri

1. Dans Le Cas Où Les Flammes
2. Mise À Sac
3. Massacre À La Poinçonneuse
4. Meurt La Soif
5. Un Peu D’Étoffe

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