AMBER ASYLUM – frozen in amber – CD

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Conjuring images of stricken women posing in ornate high-ceilinged rooms, the music of Amber Asylum could at first glance be written off as elevated gothic pretension. Certainly, there’s preciousness to this neo-classical ambient (post) rock, but a refreshing emphasis on sonic discovery and unpredictability militates against temptingly shallow dismissals. Before the music, however, the facts: Amber Asylum are a San Francisco-based collective revolving around Kris Force and Jackie Perez Gratz, and Frozen in Amber is a re-issue of a 1996 record, with the addition of three bonus tracks. Dark and compelling, the music flirts with so many styles (impressionistic, romantic, cinematic, electronic, post-rock) that it manages to (safely) avoid swooning pre-Raphaelite clichés while (dangerously) skirting the other extreme of avant-garde self-indulgence. [more]
-David Antrobus (Pop Matters)


1. Volcano Suite
2. Riviera
3. Black Waltz
4. Heckle and Jeckle
5. Journey to the Sleepy Water
6. Je Suis Le Chat Le Lune
7. Aurora
8. Ave Maria
9. Romantic Theme
10. Diablo de la Maquina
11. Western Trance

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