AMSG – hostis universi generis – CD

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Canada’s A.M.S.G. have been recognized as one of the most unique, strangest, controversial yet polarizing black metal bands today. Led by the notorious black metal crime lord Angelfukk Witchhammer (ex-Ouroboros/Rites Of Thy Degringolade), A.M.S.G. are an entity upholding the true ancient spirit of black metal, without compromise (musically and within the core beliefs of the band members), by presenting their outsider death worship Luciferian black metal artistry that sets them apart pretty much from everything else going on in black metal today. By incorporating and harnessing the true black metal spirit through elongated melancholic yet vitriolic ritual-like hymns dedicated to the endless dark Aeon and chaotic black light, A.M.S.G.’s music contains many layers and dimensions within its sound picture by also incorporating morose noir-ish saxophone passages, moments of harsh noise/power electronics, ritualistic spoken word segments, acoustic guitar, piano, and digeridoo passages, and meticulous sampling. Following the band’s debut LP “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” and their glorious limited edition « Forbidden Transformation » EP, the new A.M.S.G. album “Hostis Universi Generis” (featuring artwork from Jef Whitehead of LEVIATHAN) is unlike anything in black metal today, each of the six tracks serving as a ritual to bring upon the undoing and inversion of the universe, and is an album that will stand as one of the most singular, distinct, and weirdest black metal albums of the year.


1. The Exodus of Life
2. Baptized in the Blood of Galaxies
3. Broken Chains of Cursed Flesh
4. Divine.Madness.Transcends.
5. The Perpetual Dance of Existence and Demise
6. Astral Projections of Lucifer

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