ANCESTORS – of sound mind – CD digipack

CDtee pee records2009


Ancestors weave an unorthodox mixture of sonic textures, down-tempo riffs, well-crafted melodies, and full-throttle assaults. With « Of Sound Mind » they have channeled the freedom of progressive stalwarts King Crimson, the craft and insight of Pink Floyd, and the depth and brooding of Neurosis. Including contributions by notable Los Angeles artists David Scott Stone (Melvins, Unwound, Slug), Sera Timms (Black Math Horsemen) and cellist Ramiro Zapata, Ancestors have created an album truly Of Sound Mind; a refreshing and aptly named experience of incredible proportions.


1. From Nothing
2. Mother Animal
3. Not The Last Return
4. Bounty Of Age
5. A Friend
6. The Trial
7. Challenging
8. The Ambrose Law

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