ANTIGAMA – intellect made us blind – CD

CDselfmadegod records2006


Selfmadegod is confirmed to re-release the debut album of this exceedingly talented and innovative extreme metal/grind/noise four-piece out of Poland. Massive, intense, technical and intellectual grind combined with futuristic aggressiveness, devastating walls of sound, landslides of riffs and relentless blastbeats, and insanely varied vocals. Comprised of ten-tracks of controlled chaos the album includes a cover of “Fala” originally by SIEKIERA. Find out how Antigama sounded in its earliest days and enter the realm of metallic grind at its’ purest.


1. Pendemorphia
2. A Tendency to Sleep
3. Come and Go
4. Spare Some Change
5. Synthesis
6. Everything`s Normal
7. Savior-Vivre Mastas
8. Filth and Pain
9. Fala (Siekiera cover)
10. Improv

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