APPALACHE – sourire

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From the naive ‘Kiki’ to the 25 minutes of the epic ‘Mentally Strong, Morally Weak’, Appalache explodes his own musical boundaries. If there’s still the typical Julien Magot’s post-blues delicacy (“Toledo, Oh”, “Marble State Fair”), the parisian one-man band seems liberated from his own chains, exploring a broad spectrum of new tones. You can start to list the different genres of this album doped, garage, shoegaze, kraut, postrock, folk, experimental… until you find it boring and useless. Like a smile* can express a range of emotions, ‘Sourire’ is a kaleidoscopic album with many sides & reflects.


1. Kiki
2. Marie Meow
3. Sleep Away
4. Marble State Fair
5. Toledo, Oh
6. 09-18-1989
7. Mentally Strong, Morally Weak


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