ARABROT – solar anus

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Årabrot – True Norwegian Noise Rock Norwegian noise-rock blending diverse influences from Amphetamine Reptile
records to the industrial likes of Ministry to their very own black metal. The Brother Seed is Årabrot’s third studio release, engineered by
Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studios, Chicago, IL
and mastered by Bob Weston. “Nobody wants to be caught with the wrong kind of nihilism these days,
when sincerity can so easily translate to wretched emotional hardcore or
what certain teenage cult bands have promoted as suicidal black metal.


1. Solaranus
2. And The Ass Had Spoken
3. Madonna Was A Whore
4. Valkyrie
5. Nubile
6. Auto Da Fe
7. Odine
8. The Wheel Is Turning Full Circle

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