ARBOURETUM – the gathering

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The Gathering, Arbouretum’s fourth album, was to a large extent inspired by The Red Book by Carl Jung, or more specifically, Jung’s pursuit of the inner images that led to the book’s writing. Dave Heumann, the singer, guitarist and main lyricist of Arbouretum, has long been a fan of experiences that surpass comprehension and describe the numinous. The narrative of “losing one’s way and finding it again” resonated deeply and it was in this context that the songs that comprise The Gathering came to be. With elaborate and very allegorical imagery, Heumann’s lyrics take the listener with him on an adventure, filled with conflict, redemption and revelation.

The Gathering was recorded by Matt Boynton at New York’s Vacation Island Recording. Boynton, who had recorded most of Arbouretum’s 2007 release, Rites of Uncovering, was well-positioned to embrace the overall concept.


1. The White Bird
2. When Delivery Comes
3. Destroying to Save
4. Highwayman
5. Waxing Crescents
6. The Empty Shell
7. Song of the Nile

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