ARCHGOAT – all christianity ends – CD digipack

CD digipackdebemur morti productions2022


“All Christianity End” is a brutally-focused reminder that while the infamous Finnish Black/Death Metal legends continue to evolve, develop and even ‘refine’ their hellish sound over recent full-lengths, the elemental building blocks of classic ARCHGOAT remain sequenced in their DNA.
An essential companion piece to “Worship the Eternal Darkness” and a natural continuation of 1993’s “Angelcunt” EP, Ritual Butcherer (guitars/composition) and Lord Angelslayer (bass/vocals) here vomit forth with the magickal energy, raw guttural power and bowel-churning savagery to which we’ve become accustomed since the band’s 1989 formation.
4 bludgeoning, inimitable new tracks to reaffirm that oldest adage: you can never have enough ARCHGOAT.


1. Ascension Towards The Promethean Fire
2. Crown Cloaked With Death
3. Nightside Prayer
4. The Semen Of Anti Mastery

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