ARCHGOAT – the apocalyptic triumphator – VINYL LP (transparent red)

VINYL LP (transparent red)debemur morti productions2015


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The mighty ARCHGOAT, one of the most revered hordes in Finnish Black Metal, is back with a new bestial and ritualistic album and they have lost none of their original ferocity. « The Apocalyptic Triumphator » is a monstrous collection of cavernous psalms to Lucifer, a glorious affront to Christianity embedded in a sinister sonic environment.
The new abomination from these distinguished defilers of Christianity bears the true seal of authenticity. « The Apocalyptic Triumphator » sounds like a diabolical pact with the darkest form of Artistic Creation. With no quarter asked and none given, this is primitive music, raw and perverted, in its most hellish form.


1. Intro / Left Hand Path
2. Nuns, Cunts and Darkness
3. The Apocalyptic Triumphator
4. Phallic Desecrator of Sacred Gates
5. Grand Luciferian Theophany
6. Those Below (Who Dwell in Hell)

1. Intro / Right Hand Path
2. Congregation of Circumcised
3. Sado-Magical Portal
4. Light of Phosphorus
5. Profanator of the 1st Commandment
6. Funeral Pyre of Trinity

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