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ASCEND is a new collaborative musical project between Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Eagle Twin) and Greg Anderson (sunn 0))), Goatsnake, Engine Kid).
Both have been making music that has crossed paths several times in the last 19 years.(!!!) The most notable being during the 90s when Andersons’ band Engine Kid toured with and shared a split album with Densleys’ band Iceburn. During that time both were heavily experimenting with the fusion of jazz (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, John Coltrane) and the dark behemoth tones of influences such as The Melvins, Gore, Slint, and the Caspar Bratzmann Massaker.
ASCEND re-visits some of the tones, and moods of their past works as well as traveling into uncharted territory all done with the utmost focus on heaviness and power.
Special guest appearances on this album by Andy Patterson (drums), Steve Moore (aka Stebmo, also in Earth and often times : sunn 0))) ) trombone, organ and wurlitzer, Bubba Dupree (Void) guitar AND none other than Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) put down some incredible lead work! The packaging and layout was created by Stephen O’ Malley with a homage to our favorite jazz records of the past from labels like ECM and Impulse!


1. The Obelisk Of Kolob
2. Ample Fire Within
3. Divine
4. V O G
5. Her Horse Is Thunder
6. Dark Matter

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