ASTRA – the weirding – CD

CDrise above records2009


Now that the term ?Prog? is no longer considered a four letter-word, the world is ready for a band like San Diego based Astra, who actually make the term vital and effortlessly cool. Their Psychedelic brand of Progressive Rock manages to avoid the ghastly, self-indulgent clich??s that predominated the bloated gut of its bad hair styled mid-seventies/early eighties definition.
Astra make timeless music for timeless people. Their sound is a true breath of fresh air in these generally stagnant times. The care and attention given to every detail within The Weirding displays a dedication that is these days seldom seen or heard.
A definite must for fans of early 70’s underground European Prog Psych, The Weirding is an absolute monster that is destined to be a future classic!


1. The Rising Of The Black Sun
2. The Weirding
3. Silent Sleep
4. The River Under
5. Ouroboros
6. Broken Glass
7. The Dawning Of Orphiucus
8. Beyond To Slight The Maze

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