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Atavist is the sound of every conceivable negative emotion channelled through the medium of cranium- crushing doomed despair. Ungodly vocals are pitched against unholy foul sludge with bass levels tailored specifically for maximum bowel demolishing discomfort. This is essential for fiends into: Corrupted, Khanate, Eyehategod, Grief etc.. Features Burning Witch wardrummer Jamie « Boggy » Sykes. Released in Europe via Invada records.

Atavist are from sunny Manchester and their critically acclaimed debut album features 3 extended tracks of dark, grimacing, doom ridden metallic sludge. The first track on offer is cleverly titled ‘31:38’ ; a half hour droning jam, harnessing all the finest elements of drone-rock’s greats (The Melvins, Earth, Sunn o))), Boris etc) and injecting enough intelligence to put it next to even heavy post-rockers Pelican for scope and vision. In fact the album reminds me very much of Ocean’s debut record on Important not too long ago, large mutating compositions moving slowly (but surely) from place to place keeping the listening interesting but always deep, dark and heavy! A hugely satisfying listen, Atavist have the power, and they ain’t afraid to use it!


1. 31:38
2. 20:11
3. 14:12

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