AUGHRA – is there anyone else outsie? (with MOSH PATROL)

CDmagic bullet records2007


The ambient/avant monikers for Brent Eyestone (FORENSICS) and Chris King (THIS WILL DESTROY YOU), AUGHRA and MOSH PATROL (respectively) can both be described as the glorious head-on collision between our digital « sophistication » and our primordial longings. Massive aural soundscapes and delicate, contemplative melodies permeate this split collaboration, eliciting trance-like introspection upon repeated listening. Packed with mysteries, chills, and other elements that draw a universal nostalgia from within the listener, AUGHRA and MOSH PATROL will sink into your bones and stay put. If you’re looking for a disc to paint your mental canvas over the long hard winter, seek no further.


1. Always Oversleeps
2. Dog Years
3. A Bluff Carried More Resolutely Through To The Final Limit
4. Courage & Courtesy
5. Lullaby
6. I Love You, Please Come Back
7. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
8. Paper Airplanes
9. I’m Going To Sleep On It
10. Leave The Lights On
11. One Day We Will Grow Old And Forget The Things We Had When We Were Young

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