AUGHRA – proof of dark matter

VINYL LP (black)magic bullet records2008


AUGHRA is the moniker used by Magic Bullet Records’ own Brent Eyestone (FORENSICS, CORN ON MACABRE) toward the creation of all of his solo work and aural exploration, all of which began formally and unassumingly in the summer of 2004 in the back of a van (as FORENSICS scooted between 46 states and Canada). In the tradition of a time long gone (and perhaps to avoid the often pretentious/vain trappings of solo work), Eyestone built AUGHRA incrementally from the ground up, never shying away from labor intensive recordings and presentation above all else. The first output was a self-released, hand-painted 3-song demo tape. The demo tape became a 7″ on Long Island’s UndeRadar Records, which opened up invitations to do split tapes with artists like EARTHEN SEA, GALLOWS, and POISON ARROWS and compilation appearances with THURSTON MOORE, SWORD HEAVEN, BURNING STAR CORE, and countless others. Momentum kept building and soon AUGHRA was asked to remix friends’ songs (everything from WETHER to the THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS), do a DVD release on UndeRadar, and issued the first « wide release » output: a split CD with inseparable friend MOSH PATROL (Chris King of THIS WILL DESTROY YOU). 2007 was capped off by two simultaneous high points: the release of a hand-made and hand-painted art book/CD (edition of 250, sold out instantly) and Eyestone being asked by childhood hero TONY HAWK to use AUGHRA’s music for « The Beginning, » his new Birdhouse Skateboards film (as the official trailer theme, in the film, and in « The Making Of… » featurette for Fuel TV). After 4 years of shaping/refining his aesthetic and now-signature soundscapes, « Proof Of Dark Matter | Light The Lights » is a brand new recording and the first proper full length from AUGHRA. Instrumental in nature, the album succinctly captures the duality Eyestone’s solo work has steadily become known for: equal parts of both eerie, creeping horror-movie-inspired isolationist chillers and soaring, feel-good, dynamic melody. The end result is an engrossing foray into a world of instant nostalgia, haunting introspection, and intangible inspiration from shadowy sources… a true respite for thinkers in a soundbite culture.


1. Et in Arcadia Ego
2. The Warmth of the Shallows
3. Upon the Oak Doors of the Whitechapel
4. The Machinelike Registration of Proximity…

1. A Calculation of Worth…
2. And the Decision to Eviscerate
3. Ode on an Urn
4. Return to the Red Room

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