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What will be one of the most frenzied and maniacal death metal experiences of the year, “Taman Shud” is a vicious and dark, yet sophisticated and intellectual death metal chaos ritual that embodies the classic Canadian death metal spirit (that doesn’t exceed the year 1996!) all while harnessing a classic death metal aura reminiscent of the more artistic edge of the Florida death metal scene of the early ‘90s.

The co-conspirator band of the infamous MITOCHONDRION (where MITOCHONDRION vocalist/guitarist Shawn Haché lays down the pulse in AUROCH while AUROCH vocalist/guitarist Sebastian Monetsi commands the pulse in MITOCHONDRION respectively), the incestuous relationship both bands carry is a reflection of the creative energy and triumphant flow of metaphysical death metal chaos that defines the real Canadian death metal spirit; distinct, individualistic, and triumphant.

“Taman Shud” which is the follow-up to AUROCH’s impressive “From Forgotten Worlds” debut, hones this death metal trio’s skills to the point where they will be recognized as one of the most musically proficient bands in death metal today (“Taman Shud” was recorded pretty much all live, no click tracks, digital editing or any of that studio trickery nonsense was used during the album’s recording session at Rain Room Studios in Vancouver, BC), all while upholding the dark brooding atmosphere that is essential to real death metal.


1. Villainous
2. 8vo – Swirling in Capricorn
3. Noxious Plume
4. Taman Shud
5. Voice of Gemini
6. Death Canonized
7. Defixio
8. Novemportis
9. The Balkan Affair

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