AUSTRASIAN GOAT, THE – stains of resignation – CD

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Originally started since 4 years and after a bunch of Eps, splits an compilations records, here’s finally the second full lenght by THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, one-man band project leaded by Julien Louvet.
After one year of work, this record is built by 9 various tracks, between furious black metal, atmoshperic funeral doom and folk ballads, surely his best and mature work ever. There are also a lot of guest appearances on this album like JARBOE on « Voice of Aenima ».


1. even in uneven
2. a liquid manure of guilt
3. the arsons of pride
4. arrheton
5. voice of aenima
6. hands
7. no crowd will be mine
8. diseducation
9. miles from anywhere

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