BAKER, AIDAN – lost in the rat maze – CD

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Aidan Baker needs no introduction: this prolific Canadian classically trained multi-instrumentalist has generously contributed to the doom/drone/ambient genre. Nadja, Arc and Whisper Room are just a few of his manifestations.
As a solo artist he also composed quite an impressive backcatalogue. Consouling Sounds is proud to add another release to that list, as we’re quite confident this one will stand out in this discography.
With Lost in the Rat Maze Aidan Baker produces an unconventional album – even to Baker-standards. Having been known for his extensive ambient soundscapes, Baker chose a different approach to his sound weaving – albeit true to the « Bakersound ».
In stead of a densely layered and broad sound palette, Baker has almost embraced a « postrockish » method of composing. More compact, pointed and clear progressions can be discovered, together with a diverse array of instruments, sounds and techniques. Expect the classic Aidan Baker elements: captivating, fascinating and repetitive mesmerizing sounds – but with a different twist to it.


1. Prelude
2. Lost In The Rat Maze
3. Fanciful Flights
4. I Can’t Stand
5. Cut Stars
6. Breakbeat
7. Corridors Of Funk
8. Feathery Fingers

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