BALBOA – split with PLAGUE SERMON – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)midmarch records2009


Magic Bullet Records (USA) and Midmarch Records (UK) present a cross atlantic split release between two of heavy musics greatest kept secrets, Philadelphia’s Balboa and Brighton based Plague Sermon. Balboa follow split releases with Rosetta (Level-Plane) and Aussitot Mort (Forge Again) and bring you their most accomplished chaotic hardcore to date, that would appeal to fans of Majority Rule, Cursed and Young Widows. Plague Sermon have taken half a stride out of their screamo past, and bring forth 15 minutes of at times apocalyptic, and at times frantic, post metal that would appeal to lovers of Boris, Drowning with our Anchors and City of Caterpillar.


1. BALBOA – boys in the creeks
2. BALBOA – muerto por eleccion
3. BALBOA – bury the lies
4. BALBOA – state of exception

1. PLAGUE SERMON – we are both drowning
2. PLAGUE SERMON – the doves fly north, the city is forsaken

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