BANANAS AT THE AUDIENCE – into the house of slumber

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We’re six guys hailing from Lyon (France), we’ve been around since 1995.
We played more than 250 shows in France and Europe, and shared the stage with bands such as Nomeansno, Sabot, June of 44, Ned, Doppler, Us Maple, Kabukibuddah, Defacto…and many more. “into the house of slumber” is our third record .
It’s been recorded at Black Box studio (Angers, France) with Peter Deimel and published by SK records in October 06.


1. Deep Down
2. Trapped
3. H.R. Project
4. Liars & Fakers
5. Sink
6. Not Physically
7. But Metaphysically
8. Into the House of Slumbers
9. 122 Days
10. Naked
11. In the Dark, the Darkness

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