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From the depths of the black charcoal mountains rises the Belgian band BATHSHEBA. Fronted by She-devil Michelle Nocon (ex-Serpentcult, Leviathan Speaks & Death Penalty), carried by the punishing drums of Jelle Stevens (ex- SardoniS), massive vibrations from Raf Meukens (Death Penalty, Torturerama) and relentless riffs from Dwight Goossens (ex- Disinterred).
BATHSHEBA throws you into deep sadness and inner rage, straight into the cave grim, no meander in the enchanted forest on the way to the deep. BATHSHEBA plays heavy doom mixed with sludge and black metal. The heavy lowtuned monster can persue in fast pace while the haunting vocals go from monotonous chants towards complete schizophrenia.


1. Conjuration of Fire
2. Ain Soph
3. Manifest
4. Demon 13
5. The Sleepless Gods
6. I, at the End of Everything

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