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2009 debut album by this new project from Portishead producer and multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrow. He formed Beak> earlier this year with two fellow Bristol musicians, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams. So, how did Barrow make an album so quickly after spending more than a decade on Portishead’s Third? Easy: He forced himself. The band has some pretty rigorous guidelines in place. They record all their music in one room and they don’t use overdubs. The band wrote their entire album over the course of one 12-day session. In a statement about Beak>, Barrow says, « It’s really good to create music under different conditions than you’re used to. »


1. backweel
2. pill
3. ham green
4. i know
5. battery point
6. iron action
7. ears have ears
8. blagdon lake
9. barrow gurney
10. the cornubia
11. dundry hill
12. flax bourton
13. granby hill

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