BEHEXEN – by the blessing of satan – VINYL LP (tri colour)

VINYL LP (tri colour)debemur morti productions2004


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Very raw but still reasonably well-produced, violent with a destructive atmosphere from beginning to end. The vocals alone sound like they’re coming from the depths of hell, and the music is like being run over by a train. The style here is rather old school, mixing a lot of influences, namely some early Marduk, Darkthrone and more recent Carpathian Forest for a little bit of « Black ‘n Roll » passages here and there.
With 7 songs clocking in at nearly 48 minutes, one would expect some filler but no, there’s not a boring moment here and makes you wish the album wouldn’t be over so soon – it doesn’t feel like 48 minutes. Overall the album is fast-paced although it does slow down here and there for a moment of slow, crushing aural torture. This is what I’d consider a safe blind purchase. Recommended if you like your Black Metal raw, violent and unpolished.
« By The Blessing Of Satan » is a continuation of BEHEXEN’s blasphemous journey in the dimensions of pure Black Metal. Long awaited vinyl reissue of this Finnish Black Metal masterpiece. Features « Circle Of Black Cult » as a bonus track.


1. By The Blessing Of Satan
2. Fist Of The Satanist
3. Sieluni Saatanan Vihasta Roihuten
4. Celebration Of Christ’s Fall

1. Black Metal Baptism
2. Watchers Of My Black Temple
3. Under The Eye Of Lord
4. Circle Of Black Cult

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