BELLAFEA – cavalcade – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)southern records2008


Bellafea call Chapel Hill, North Carolina – a small college town famed mostly for its booming, influential 90s indie rock scene – home. The rich, independent music history and their subsequent Southern upbringing play obvious roles in structuring their individuality. Bellafea teems with the punk spirit of local townies Superchunk, while the trialing dissonance of Polvo shine through in their string parts. There is an earnest aggression in their music, perhaps channeled from their struggles with the vastly conservative Southeastern United States – the patriarchal, Bible-belt countryside where they grew up. There is resistance, and there is also a secular nod to their heritage and its inevitable and inspiring impact on their songwriting.
Cavalcade could be Bellafea’s “call to arms”. Recorded over two years during multiple sessions with Chapel Hill engineers Brian Paulson and Nick Petersen, focused on the ideas of plurality and layers, friends and enemies, dedication and rejection, decoding the feeling of fight. Bellafea’s urgency and battle cry is apparent; well-known for their captivating sold-out hometown performances, they have gained the loyalty of local musicians/friends John Darnielle (Mountain Goats), Dave Laney (Milemarker), Ben Davis (Sleepytime Trio, Bats & Mice), Daniel Hart (Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent, John Vanderslice), Eric Moe (Zegota) who all – along with a choir of friends – lend a hand on their debut full-length.


1. Depart (I Never Knew You)
2. Bones To Pick
3. Thornbird II
4. Walking Distance
5. Telling The Hour

1. Run Rabbit Run
2. Geography
3. Arctic
4. Stranger

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