BIG LAD – pro rock – VINYL LP (transparent yellow)

VINYL LP (transparent yellow)box records2018


BIG LAD is a two headed trigger synth party noise machine made up of Henri Grimes (ex Sheild Your Eyes) on drums and Wayne Adams (ex Death Pedals) on synths.
Pro Rock’ is the second album from the band, their first being 2015’s ‘Big Lad’ record which was released under the moniker Shitwife. They then decided to rename the band BIG LAD, to confuse the crap out of everyone, which it did.
The duo are renowned and cherished as an unforgettable live experience having played extensively in the UK’s exceptionally healthy and thriving underground scene. They’re as comfortable trashing people’s necks at sweaty basement punk shows as they are melting gurning faces at raves such as Bangface and are now becoming a staple on many UK and European festival stages every year.


1. Intro
2. Ricky Balboa
3. Jimmy’s Benzole Plant
4. Dave Aoki
5. Macho Randy Savage

1. Banana Split
2. Ted Banger
3. Micheal J Decaprio
4. Party Salad
5. Donald Tramp
6. Eating Food and Fighting Wizards
12. Outro

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