BIG’N – discipline through sound – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)cmptr stdnts1995


Chicago’s own young guns, BIG’N have earned a reputation as the noise rocker’s dream. Dare I say it, “Trophy” starts out like an angrier version of Slint and Midwestern inclinations run amok on this record (Shellac, Dazzling Killmen, the whole of the Louisville scene and even a dash of Tortoise added to the guitar in songs like “El Diablo III”). More embittered, dark and less ideological than the rest of their influences, lyrical content runs the gamut of depression; cursed love, the burden of life, parental preachings and of course, the inevitable deathwish.
This oppressive feeling works quite well with the scorching vocals and stop/start guitar antics. The result is a finely tuned, passionate angst which is eminent even in the quieter moments. You can picture the live performance simultaneously: lunging forward like caged animals and sweating their soul all over their razor sharp guitar strings and splintered drumsticks. This is music to break your soul.


1. Trophy
2. Final Song
3. Moonshine
4. Bird of Prey
5. Dying Breed

1. El Diablo III
2. Dry
3. Lucky 57
4. White Russian
5. Cuss

1. Moonshine (demo)
2. Dry (demo)
3. Lucky 57 (demo)
4. White Russian (demo)
5. Dying Breed (demo)

1. King of Mexico
2. Old Work Song
3. Angelus Occultation
4. Like a Killer (Outtake)
5. Missouri Boat Ride (Outtake)

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