BLACK MAGICIAN – nature is the devil’s church

CD digipackburning world records2012


With a name like Black Magician you sure as Hell ain’t going to be getting glam rock or emo!!! No sir, these Liverpudlian retrogressive throwbacks have dropped their debut album, “Nature Is the Devil’s Church”…5 tracks of expansive, ritualistic, soul stealing doom of the highest order in a little over 40 minutes. Huge, monolithic riffs entwine with swirling Hammond organ around unique throat burning vocals combine to create a sound that has been described by the living legend that is Doomlord as “Atomic Rooster playing early Cathedral”, what more can be said!


1. The Foolish Fire
2. Full Plain I See, the Devil know How to Row
3. Four Thieves Vinegar
4. Ghost Worship
5. Chattox

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