BLACK TUSK – passage through purgatory – CD

CDrelapse records2008


Debut full length LP/CD from Savannah’s swamp metal trio, BlackTusk.
With a triple vocal attack and a sound alternating between sludgy, heavy southern rock tinged crust and breakneck blasts harkening back to the skaterock crossover bands of the 80s, the tusk contribute their own take on the full bore, brutal sound Savannah bands are known for. Produced by Phillip Cope (Kylesa). Cover art by John Baizley.


1. Witchs Spell
2. Fixed In The Ice
3. Mind Moves Something
4. Interlude
5. End Of Days
6. Prophecy One By One
7. Falling Down
8. Breaking The Backs Of Men
9. Call Of The Sewer Rat
10. Beneath
11. Fatal Kiss

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