BLACK TUSK – t.c.b.t. – CD digipack

CD digipackseason of mist records2018


BLACK TUSK come storming back with their earth-shaking new album TCBT. This is the band's most articulate sonic vision yet, and delivers signature levels of BLACK TUSK aggression with their most developed songwriting to date. « Closed Eye », « Burn the Stars », « Agali », and « Scalped » are hands-down some of their finest tracks among a full album of killers. TCBT is a full-throated war cry and indispensable addition to their storied catalog.


1. A Pefect View of Absolutely Nothing
2. Closed Eye
3. Agali
4. Lab Rat
5. Scalped
6. Ghosts Roam
7. Ill At Ease
8. Rest With the Dead
9. Never Ending Daymare
10. Orange Red Dead
11. Whispers
12. Burn the Stars

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