BLACK TUSK – taste the sin – CD

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The Savannah scene has produced so many great bands you’d be excused for thinking that sludge is in the water there, but there’s no excuse for overlooking BLACK TUSK. Comparisons of ‘Taste The Sin’ to bands BLACK TUSK considers brothers only tell part of the tale; the band’s sophomore release and first for Relapse Records rips into you with locomotive riffing and powerful percussion, creating a furious display that incorporates the fury of punk and the precision of thrash metal within a familiar Southern-fried landscape. If ‘Taste the Sin’ is wrong, you won’t want to be right!


1. Embrace the Madness
2. Snake Charmer
3. Red Eyes, Black Skies
4. Way of Horse and Bow
5. Unleash the Wrath
6. Twist the Knife
7. Redline
8. The Takeoff
9. The Ride
10. The Crash

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