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Santa Cruz, CA hardcore legend: Bl’ast! recorded their debut several times before finally emerging from the studio with their cult classic masterpiece:

“ The Power of Expression”. . For the first time ever an alternate version (the Track sessions) of this album is officially available.

Also included is a 28 page booklet with amazing Bl’ast! photos from the mid-80s. All tracks (re)mastered by Brad Boatright.


1. Time To Think

2. Surf And Destroy

3. Fuckin’ With My Head

4. E.I.B.

5. Our Explanation

6. The Future

7. Something Beyond
8. Break It Down

9. Time Waits (For No One)

10. I Don’t Need II

11. It’s Alive

12. Look Into Myself

13. Nightmare
14. Time To Think [Track Sessions]

15. Surf & Destroy [Track Sessions]

16. Fuckin’ With My Head [Track Sessions]

17. E.I.B. [Track Sessions]

18. Our Explanation [Track Sessions]

19. The Future [Track Sessions]

20. Break It Down [Track Sessions]
21. Time Waits (For No One) [Track Sessions]
22. I Dont Need II [Track Sessions]
23. It’s Alive [Track Sessions]
24. Scream For Tomorrow [Track Sessions]
25. Nightmare [Track Sessions]

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