BLOCKHEADS – this world is dead – CD

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French grindcore outfit BLOCKHEADS have been punishing heavy music speedfreaks for over two decades, doing tours with and supporting the likes of Napalm Death, Entombed, Carcass and Obituary all over the European continent. With ‘This World Is Dead’, BLOCKHEADS are determined to spread their aural annihilation throughout the rest of the universe. ‘This World Is Dead’ is 40 minutes of brutally efficient, grade-A, frenzied grind that ranks right up there with the top purveyors of the genre.


1. Deindividualized
2. Already Slaves
3. Born Among Bastards
4. Final Arise
5. Bastards
6. Awaken
7. This World Is Dead
8. Hidden Terrors
9. All These Dreams…
10. Media Warfare
11. Be a Thorn to Power
12. Human Oil
13. Poisoned Yields
14. To the Dogs
15. Buenos Aires S.C.
16. Crisis Is Killing the Weak
17. Famine
18. Sell Your Flesh
19. Look Down
20. Take Your Pills
21. Digging Graves
22. Pro-Lifers
23. Follow the Bombs
24. Doctrine of Assured Mutual Destruction
25. Trail of the Dead

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