BLOCKHEADS – trip to the void – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)lixiviat records2021


For 30 years now, Blockheads have set a course on the heart of original grindcore.
Call it old school, call it political, all in all, they sticked to the idea of criticizing and analyzing the world as it is: cold, oppressive, and bleak. Now it is time to release their sixth album: “Trip to the Void”. Their sonic punishing blastbeat and trademark neck-breaking groove have never been sharper, refined on stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Carcass, or Mumakil, and condensed into the span of these 25tracks/28 minutes of sheer aggression.
With their darker work to date, Blockheads are back, uncompromising and straight to the point, as grindcore should always be.


1. Ephemeral Vision
2. Provoked Starvation
3. Walls
4. The Devourer
5. When You’ll Become A Shadow
6. Damage Control
7. Nothing Learned Yet
8. The Rights Of Jesters
9. Conscience Cleaner
10. False
11. Here Comes The Clown
12. Vultures
13. Cages

1. Born In Despair
2. Burn Out
3. Head In Shit
4. Alienated
5. Blind Machine
6. Newspeak
7. Black Heaps Of Cinders
8. Trip To The Void
9. This Is Hell
10. Pungent Steams Of Acid
11. Days Of Darkness
12. Flesh Furnace

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