BLUT AUS NORD – 777 the desanctification – VINYL LP (clear and blue swirl)

VINYL LP (clear and blue swirl)debemur morti productions2011


And so comes to pass the second chapter in BLUT AUS NORD's « 777 » trilogy – « The Desanctification ». Having prophesised impending disaster on the predecessor, « 777 – Sect(s) », BLUT AUS NORD moves deeper into a nightmare realm, i.e. reality. This new work illustrates the precise moment when man finds himself embraced in frightening, almost unbearable solitude in a deconstructed world void of all material and spiritual elements. « 777 – The Desanctification » captures the shocking aftermath of mankind's liberation from the constraints of culture, history and superstition – he is freed of idols but now stands alone in a massive, empty universe. Devoid of emotion; without purpose or reason. It's a terrifying place to be, yet, as modern man, we all reside here. With political, religious and philosophical power negated – and time (our great companion) annihilated – the celestial being is stripped bare, reality altered amid irreversible illumination. Unmistakably BLUT AUS NORD, « 777 – The Desanctification » is typically swarming, manic and cascading but also more ambient and atmospheric than « 777 – Sect(s) ». With speed and violence eschewed in favour of morose moods and unsettling soundscapes, this journey is meditative, trancelike and intriguing. Are you ready to be desanctified?


1. Epitome VII
2. Epitome VIII
3. Epitome IX
4. Epitome X

1. Epitome XI
2. Epitome XII
3. Epitome XIII

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