BLUT AUS NORD – thematic emanation of archetypal multiplicity – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)debemur morti productions2005


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A strange title for a strange release. Indeed, « Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Multiplicity » – available for the very first time in vinyl format – is a truly unique work, something different, evading any attempts at classification; the eccentric creation of strange visionaries.

Originally released in 2005, this singular opus is a fascinating and mystical journey through different musical approaches, from Black Metal to Dub and Dark Electro, from Industrial soundscapes to deeply Ambient atmospheres. Different facets but a common feeling that will transport you to another world.

On this iconoclastic release, BLUT AUS NORD, free from musical and aesthetic codes, redefine the limits of their own Artistic expression and erase all preconceived ideas of Black Metal and extreme music in general.


1. Enter (the transformed god basement)
2. Level-1 (nothing is)

1. Level-2 (nothing is not)
2. Level-3 (nothing becomes)
3. Exit (towards the asylum)

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