BOARDS OF CANADA – geogaddi – CD

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One of the world’s most revered and mysterious electronic acts, Boards of Canada re-emerge from the ether with “The Campfire Headphase” their first album since 2002’s mystic “Geogaddi”. “The Campfire Headphase” will satiate the groups massive, rabid fanbase. This is classic Boards of Canada touched with acid-drenched folk music, atmospheric dissonance, deceptively tough alien beats and mindbending melodic creations.


1. Ready Lets Go
2. Music Is Math
3. Beware the Friendly Stranger
4. Gyroscope
5. Dandelion
6. Sunshine Recorder
7. In the Annexe
8. Julie and Candy
9. The Smallest Weird Number
10. 1969
11. Energy Warning
12. The Beach at Redpoint
13. Opening the Mouth
14. Alpha and Omega
15. I Saw Drones
16. The Devil Is in the Details
17. A Is to B as B Is to C
18. Over the Horizon Radar
19. Dawn Chorus
20. Diving Station
21. You Could Feel the Sky
22. Corsair
23. Magic Window

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