BORGNE – temps morts – CD digipack

CD digipackles acteurs de l'ombre productions2021


Continuously pushing its own limits for the past two decades, Borgne is a powerful machinery spreading mechanical coldness and producing an industrial energy.
Constantly evolving throughout its already released eight albums, this Swiss band has been hammering various stages since 2011, leaving a lasting impression on spectators’ minds.
Entwining ethereal melodies and drum machines’ pounding, Borgne will grasp you into abyssal depths.


1. To Cut the Flesh and Feel Nothing but Stillness
2. The Swords of the headless Angels
3. L’Écho de Mon Mal
4. Near the Bottomless Precipice I Stand
5. I Drown My Eyes into the Broken Mirror
6. Vers des Horizons aux Teintes Ardentes
7. Where the Crown Is hidden
8. Even If the Devil Sings into My Ears Again
9. Everything Is Blurry Now

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