CARNE – modern rituals – VINYL LP (transparent red)

VINYL LP (clear red)no way asso2017


The french duo comes back with a new album, Modern Rituals, plunging deeper into the urban blend of noise and sludge already settled on their previous release, Ville Morgue.
This new record expresses all their skepticism and unease towards a society where sarcasm and mediocrity became criterias of appreciation if not values to be defended at all cost.
A society that constantly and repeatedly broadcasts its own decay, drowning masses in a sea of ignorance and ready-made reflections.
Modern Rituals marks on a new step in Carne’s methodical research of more darkness, loudness and sombre psychedelism.
The repeated collaboration with Marion Leclercq (Mütterlein, Overmars) brings a new approach and tighten the ropes around the malaise pictured here (on « The End of Us » and « Lord Less »).


1. White Flag
2. Inked Mask
3. Bad Tooth
4. The End Of Us

1. Cloak
2. Collective Dictatorship
3. Northern Light
4. Lord Less

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